Dissemination of the Medical Industrial Actuarial Study Report

14th, Sep 2023 Share This

The Medical Insurance Providers under the Medical Committee received the findings from the Medical Industrial Actuarial Study at our Offices. The study was conducted by Kenbright Actuarial & Financial Services on behalf of UIA and the presentation of the findings was led by the Kenbright CEO - Ernest Magezi Barusya.

Kenbright CEO - Ernest Magezi Barusya during the presentation.

Our CEO – Jonan Kisakye lauded the Medical Committee for sanctioning the Study and emphasized the massive potential of the Insurance Industry, which when galvanized is of great benefit to our membership. He said that the Secretariat has adopted a pragmatic approach that he believes, will go a long way in improving the Medical Insurance space. He also thanked Kenbright for undertaking the Study.

Our CEO, Jonan Kisakye delivers his submissions.

The Chairman of the Medical Committee – Dan Musiime noted that Medical Insurance players who were running their business as competitors are now harnessing the power of collaboration moving forward. He added that it is a milestone that such engagements are happening, and this will set a stage for more.

Dan Musiime shares his thoughts to the members.

While recognizing the presence of UIA’s Research team, Jonan reported that we are drawing lessons to further strengthen our research arm, do the same for our other services and make more informed decisions for our membership.

Members listening to the presentation.