Our Mission

To promote best practices and the highest standards within the Ugandan insurance sector whilst safeguarding the consumers’ best interests.

Our Vision

To be the most respected and effective Insurer's Association in East Africa and beyond.

How we do this. 

We work to advance the interests of insurance and reinsurance companies by adopting a common strategy that encourages and promotes close cooperation, the exchange of business among members, builds on knowledge through research, influences the enactment of favorable legislation and represents the views of membership to Government, quasi – government and Private bodies.

The Association currently enjoys a thirty eight (38) company-strong membership. Of these, twenty-one (21) are General (Non-Life) insurance companies, eight (08) are Life Insurance companies, five (05) micro insurance companies and four (04) are reinsurance companies.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We act with honesty, transparency and always strive to do what is right and fair for all our Stakeholders. We are responsible for our actions and are aware of the consequences when commitments are not met. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.  
  • Professionalism: We consistently demonstrate competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality and a positive attitude when engaging with our stakeholders. We will always adhere to the highest standards whilst maintaining the highest level of excellence in everything that we do. 
  • Collaboration and Partnership: We will continuously seek to develop and grow linkages and partnerships with all our stakeholders in order to develop a beneficial ecosystem for our members and the public at large in the insurance space. We will respect and value our relationship with stakeholders and will endeavor to deliver to their expectations at all times. 
  • Innovation: We value creativity and work with passion to offer alternative solutions to meeting and exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations. We are driven by continuous improvement to enhance stakeholder satisfaction and improve efficiency.