Who We Are


The Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) as it is known today has existed since 1965. An association that was founded by Insurance companies to promote the development and expansion of sound Insurance and Re Insurance activities in Uganda.

How we Work

We work to advance the interests of insurance and reinsurance companies by adopting a common strategy that encourages and promotes close cooperation, the exchange of business among members, builds on knowledge through research, influences the enactment of favorable legislation and represents the views of membership to Government, quasi – government and Private bodies.

Our Vision
To be the most respected and effective Trade Association in East Africa.

Our Mission
To promote best practices and the highest standards within the Ugandan Insurance sector safeguarding the consumer’s best interests.

Our Values
The success of the Association built on four (4) key corporate values: –

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation