On-Going Research Projects

  1. Effect of Insurance Distribution Channels on Insurance Uptake in Uganda.

The Insuring community will assess the performance of these channels to deliver products to customer. This will inform improvement or changes to improve delivery of the various Insurance products.

The research project is handled with support from Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) and Makerere University under the spirit of improving Financial Inclusion.

  1. Worker’s Compensation (WC) Insurance survey by Employers in Uganda.

Workers Compensation (WC) insurance became prominent during the industrial revolution as workers became increasingly exposed to life-altering injuries and death while at work.

Occupational health and safety were not well entrenched in the early days of the industrial revolution and workplace injuries were common.

Workers Compensation insurance therefore gained prominence as a measure to mitigate the financial consequences of workplace injuries on the financial well-being of workers and their dependents.

The law allows workers who are injured at work to obtain payment for lost wages, medical costs, and occupational rehabilitation expenses without regard to their personal negligence or fault (no fault).

In light of this, Workers Compensation Insurance is therefore mandatory for all employers in Uganda although there is a large divide between law and practice thus the need for the survey to way performance in applicability and understanding.

The project is handled by Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE).

  1. The Innovation Survey by Insurance Companies.

The level of Innovation in the Insurance sector is still low and this survey is to inform why that’s the case to improve the product offering to the market.

This is supported by Innovation Village/Insure Tech Lab.

Past Research Projects

    1. Agriculture Insurance Survey
    2. Marine Insurance Uptake Survey – July, 2018
    3. Motor Third Party Insurance Impact Assessment Survey
    4. Opinion Survey on Life Threats & Aligned Copying Mechanisms
    5. The Life Product Development Survey
    6. Usage of Insurance Services – A Scoping Study on MSMEs in Kampala & its Environs