UIA joins forces with UPF on Motor Third Party Insurance implementation

16th, Aug 2023 Share This

The Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) and the Uganda Police Force have agreed to jointly work towards the smooth implementation of Motor Third Party Insurance across the country.

Speaking during a meeting with a team from the Kampala Metropolitan Police at Protea Hotel in Kampala, Jonan Kisakye the UIA Chief Executive Officer noted that the input of the traffic officers will go a long way in informing how the association can support them in enforcing the law.

“This engagement is aimed at bringing us closer to the police, mostly those that help us to implement Motor Third Party.” Jonan noted that the association is working on giving the public an option of Enhanced Motor Third Party, a second layer to MTP with enhanced benefits. This he said will address the inadequacies of the current Motor Third Party Insurance like low compensation limits.

“Motor Third Party is also a component of Social Protection by virtue of the fact that it protects the passenger & pedestrian. Our challenge however is the shortage of data regarding the number of cars and boda bodas on the road. The UIA is also currently working with the Ministry of Works and Transport to generate updated data of how many motorists are on the road, this way the association can track the actual numbers.”

This engagement was well attended by traffic police officers. It was highly interactive and generated feedback from the officers on how best Motor Third Party Insurance enforcement can be implemented.

Outgoing Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Rogers Nsereko Kavuma commended the association for engaging the Police who are at the forefront of enforcing the law.

 “We want people to pay for Motor Third Party. We would like people to compensate others when they injure them on the road and we want to be even more organized. When UIA approached us, we saw an opportunity to interact and bridge the loopholes. We need to grow collections. Our city is disorganized and we need order.”

The Police Officers asked UIA to help them ease the checking of genuine stickers by equipping them with relevant reference material and technology.

On a lighter note, the UIA hosted outgoing Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Rogers Nsereko Kavuma to a dinner held at Fairway Hotel in Kampala. Mr. Kavuma was commended for his outstanding service to the Police Force.

“We congratulate you (SSP) for your outstanding performance. Your colleagues have said very nice things about you, and we hope that your successor will follow in your footsteps swiftly.

As UIA, we request the incoming KMP commander to work with us to continue this good work.” Jonan added.

Source: The New Vision (Click here to view)