Wewanilile - Get A Grip Campaign

We launched a campaign dubbed Wewanilile – Get A Grip primarily focusing on Life Insurance.

Unpacking the campaign

Wewanilile – Get A Grip was meant to spread awareness about Life Insurance. It broke down Life Insurance to the everyday person by showcasing how having a Life Insurance cover benefits the insured and their loved ones.

Wewanilile” is a Luganda dialect-derived theme meaning “support yourself” with an inference to “keeping yourself safe” by saving through insurance (Life Insurance) for a better/more certain tomorrow. By choosing from an array of Life Insurance plans offered by insurers, you can: retire with peace of mind, start your dream venture, attain your long-desired possession, guarantee your children’s education & ensure your loved ones remain guaranteed in case of life’s uncertainties.

“Get A Grip” is the English derivative of “Wewanilile” with direct reference to “avoidance of falling” or “getting a hold of your future” by saving through insurance (Life Insurance).

This campaign was launched at a press conference that was widely covered and subsequently featured across the various media platforms. On TV, the campaign ran on Bukedde TV while for radio, it featured on Radio One & Akaboozi Ku Biri. The campaign also had an out-door reach with billboards and digital screens in Kampala, Jinja, Mbarara & Gulu. 

We are also glad to note that our members had the opportunity to demystify Life Insurance and their products via videos captured majorly for social media consumption.

Under the campaign, we also had a number of talk shows on various TVs & Radios, articles in various publications all in line with promoting Life Insurance.