Essence of Workers Compensation Insurance

Making the workplace safe with Workers Compensation Insurance

Section 18 of the Workers Compensation Act 2000 makes it mandatory for employers to provide this insurance cover for their workers. This Insurance provides compensation against injuries and death resulting from accidents occasioned whilst traveling from home to work, during work and whilst from work to home. It covers all workers-both formally or informally employed.

What should the worker do if they are injured at work and need to claim?

Report the accident to the employer, seek medical attention, obtain and keep all medical records and receipts for expenses incurred during the treatment period and liaise with the Human Resource department to fill in the LD forms which will be used by the Labour office to enable the processing of the claim.

What will the insurance company do once they are notified?

The company will advise the accident victim of their immediate expectations, ensure that they receive medical attention, review the submitted claim documentation and settle the claim within the stipulated timelines as mandated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda.

How is compensation determined?

Compensation for injuries is computed based on the Workers 60 months’ salary benefit against the degree or extent of injury suffered and assessed by the attendant medical practitioner percentage wise. In the event of an accident resulting into a death, it is 100% of the 60 months’ benefit. The policy terms and conditions apply.

While purchasing insurance;

  1. Contact the Insurance Company directly or purchase through an Insurance Broker and/or Insurance Agent.
  2. Following the establishment of the Insurance Act 2017, all insuring clients, both corporate and individuals are required to pay directly their premiums (insurance fees) in full/upfront on or before the effective date of their respective policies to the Insurance Company.
  3. Speak to your Banker about the Insurance Premium Financing Option.

Do you have any questions about Insurance?

Send your questions to Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda ( or call 0800 124 124 or to the Uganda Insurers Association ( or call 0800 10 50 50.