CERRRP Project Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Customization Workshop held at the Insurance Training College Sponsored by PSFU & Mastercard

11th, Aug 2023 Share This

On 11th August, 2023, the 5-day workshop to customize & train selected Micro, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) on the utilization of the Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) that were developed for them under the CERRRP Project came to a close at the Insurance Training College (ITC). This project is sponsored by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) & the MasterCard Foundation.

Badru Bengo, our Manager Life & Pensions noted that over 75 entries have received training in the course of the 5 days. The individual business owners who received the training were selected from key sectors including: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism, Construction & IT.

The PSFU Project Officer - Benjamin Mutumba said that the aim of this technical intervention has its roots from their COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Program meant to help businesses stay afloat in the event of such shocks. He added that the next step is the Insurance Starter Pack under the patronage of UIA that will entail issuing insurance covers. He assured the participants on the continuity of this program while also expressing confidence in the UIA as a key partner.

Some of the participants of the CERRRP Project Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Customization Workshop.

Mr. Allan Ssenyondwa, the PSFU Project Manager lauded the progress of the project noting that it has already exceeded some targets reporting that the parent program: the COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Program that was meant to support 200 MSMEs has already supported 793 MSMEs in direct & indirect help.

He noted that PSFU is focusing on diversifying the trainings for MSME’s to cover the different aspects of their business operations. “If someone has been trained on business continuity & disaster preparedness, we want to also train them on marketing, literacy and more.” he said.

Our CEO - Jonan Kisakye thanked everyone that took part in the training and thanked PSFU for trusting UIA with this project.

He expressed joy in being involved in a project aimed at changing lives and that despite the pressures to quickly run it, it was equally important to ensure proper implementation of the project. He further recognized the support and understanding extended by PSFU.

In the same vein, he reported that UIA has already come up with insurance products, most of which are ready for the rollout. Jonan also noted that UIA is at the tail-end of establishing the project coordination center which speaks to the sustainability & follow-up framework of the project. He said that the BCPs were a key deliverable of the project and that these have been delivered per sector. Jonan emphasized that the beneficiary MSME’s ought to actually utilize these and not just let them gather dust. “It is a document that is fundamental to the project because it sits at the heart of resilience. The moment disaster strikes, you must rely on your BCP as it is your fallback position.”

Jonan delivering his submissions at the workshop.

In response to the concern from the World Bank’s decision to halt funding to Uganda, Jonan pointed out the challenge of having a largely informal & political economy referencing the boda boda industry which if, well-organized, has the potential to be bigger than the insurance industry. He added that formalization is crucial and praised PSFU’s contribution to this journey of formalizing business through the CERRRP Project and hoped for their continued support.