What Motor Third Party Insurance is

It protects the owner of the vehicle against financial responsibilities from the third party in case of an accident. The insurance company will therefore provide compensation if the vehicle is involved in a car accident that results into bodily injury, disability or even death of a third party.

A third party is any road user, for example a vehicle passenger or pedestrian involved in the accident (the accident victim) and is a person other than the vehicle owner and insurance company.


The extent to which victim is compensated under the Law

An insurance company can only contribute up to Ugx 1M towards the settlement of your liabilities in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act 1989. The Law also allows for up to Ugx 10M in aggregate per accident.


What to do if you are involved in a motor accident

To avoid wrongful denial of a claim, immediately report the matter to the nearest police station and then to the insurance company. It does not matter if you were driving or not. Reporting it starts off the claims process. In addition to reporting the incident, you need to fill in an accident report form and provide all the other necessary documents required by the Insurer. The required documents would be a valid insurance policy, a Police Report, a Medical Report and Bills as well as a National ID.


In case of death, you will need to also provide a Death Certificate and Letter of Introduction of the Beneficiary (ies) or Minutes of the family meeting indicating the beneficiaries and signed by all persons present in the meeting.


What you also need to know

  1. Insurance may be purchased directly from Insurance Company or through an Insurance Broker and/or Insurance Agent.
  2. Following the establishment of the Insurance Act 2017, all insuring clients, both corporate and individuals are required to pay directly their premiums (insurance fees) in full/upfront on or before the effective date of their respective policies to the Insurance Company.

Where can you purchase this insurance?

  1. AIG (U) Ltd
  2. Alliance Africa General Insurance Ltd
  3. APA Insurance (U) Ltd
  4. Britam Insurance Company (U) Ltd
  5. CIC General Insurance Uganda Limited
  6. Excel Insurance Company Ltd
  7. First Insurance Company Ltd
  8. Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd
  9. ICEA General Insurance Co. Ltd
  10. Liberty General Insurance Uganda Ltd
  11. NIC General Insurance Co Ltd
  12. NOVA Insurance Company Ltd
  13. Pax Insurance Company Ltd
  14. MUA Insurance Uganda Ltd
  15. Rio Insurance Company Ltd
  16. Sanlam General Insurance
  17. Statewide Insurance Company Ltd
  18. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Ltd
  19. Transafrica Assurance Company Ltd
  20. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda Ltd


Do you have any other questions about Insurance?

Send your questions to Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (ira@ira.go.ug) or call 0800 124 124 or to the Uganda Insurers Association (info@uia.co.ug) or call 0800 10 50 50.

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