What you always wanted to know about Workers Compensation Insurance

What Workers Compensation Insurance is 

Workers Compensation Insurance provides protection for employees against work related accidental bodily injuries, occupational diseases and death during and in the course of their employment. It will cover the employee on the way directly to work, while they are at work and on their way directly home.


What you should do if you are injured at work?

It is critical to report the accident to your employer as soon as possible and in any case within one month from the date when the accident occurred. Even if you do not think that you are injured, sometimes injuries do not become noticeable until after some time. Do report workplace accidents to your employer.

Depending on their jobs, workers may also develop a variety of job related illnesses. For example workers who are exposed to a lot of car exhaust on the job may suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning or breathing problems. Workers Compensation will therefore provide for these cases as well.


What the benefits of workers compensation insurance are

According to Section 18 (1) of the Workers Compensation Act, “every employer shall insure and keep himself/herself insured in respect of any liability which he/she may incur under the Act to any worker employed by him/her.”

By law, the employer must obtain and maintain an insurance policy with a licensed insurance company, which provides for compensation to his/her employees for work related injuries/deaths and scheduled diseases incurred or contracted in or during the course of their employment.

This insurance pays out up to 60 months of one’s earnings (i.e. 5 years earnings) for death or permanent incapacity of the worker. The proportions are provided in the Workers Compensation Act and as per the medical report after assessment of the percentage of incapacity.


Can one still receive workers compensation insurance benefits if the accident was his/her fault?

The purpose of this insurance is to provide benefits to injured workers without the need to prove who was at fault for the accident. However, there are some instances when a worker won’t receive benefits for example if a worker self-inflicts injuries on himself or herself under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.


What you also need to know

  1. Insurance may be purchased directly from Insurance Company or through an Insurance Broker and/or Insurance Agent.
  2. Following the establishment of the Insurance Act 2017, all insuring clients, both corporate and individuals are required to pay directly their premiums (insurance fees) in full/upfront on or before the effective date of their respective policies to the Insurance Company.


Where can you purchase this insurance?

  1. AIG (U) Ltd
  2. Alliance Africa General Insurance Ltd
  3. APA Insurance (U) Ltd
  4. Britam Insurance Company (U) Ltd
  5. CIC General Insurance Uganda Limited
  6. Excel Insurance Company Ltd
  7. First Insurance Company Ltd
  8. Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd
  9. ICEA General Insurance Co. Ltd
  10. Liberty General Insurance Uganda Ltd
  11. NIC General Insurance Co Ltd
  12. NOVA Insurance Company Ltd
  13. Pax Insurance Company Ltd
  14. MUA Insurance Uganda Ltd
  15. Rio Insurance Company Ltd
  16. Sanlam General Insurance
  17. Statewide Insurance Company Ltd
  18. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Ltd
  19. Transafrica Assurance Company Ltd
  20. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda Ltd


Do you have any other questions about Insurance?

Send your questions to Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (ira@ira.go.ug) or call 0800 124 124 or to the Uganda Insurers Association (info@uia.co.ug) or call 0800 10 50 50.