What you always wanted to know about Agriculture Insurance

What Agriculture Insurance is

This is one of the farming risk management tools that provides farmers with financial protection against production losses caused by natural risks in farming.


What it covers

Agriculture insurance in Uganda covers most of the production risks like drought, excessive rainfall, hail, frost, floods and other similar risks.


How the government supported agriculture insurance

Government has established the Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme (UAIS) where it provides an insurance premium subsidy to enable farmers enjoy the protection of this insurance at a reduced cost. It provides 50% premium subsidy to a small scale farmer, 30% to a large scale farmer and up to 80% to farmers in disaster prone areas like Isingiro, Kasese, parts of Mt

Elgon, Teso, Karamoja and West Nile.

This, for example, means that if a small scale farmer needs to spend Ugx 20,000 in basic insurance premium, the government will pay 50% of this and farmer will only pay Ugx 10,000. The Government is also engaging in publicity, sensitization, and training of farmers across the country to embrace Agriculture Insurance.


What you also need to know

  1. Insurance may be purchased directly from Insurance Company or through an Insurance Broker and/or Insurance Agent.
  2. Following the establishment of the Insurance Act 2017, all insuring clients, both corporate and individuals are required to pay directly their premiums (insurance fees) in full/upfront on or before the effective date of their respective policies to the Insurance Company.


Where can you purchase this insurance?

The Agro Consortium provides agriculture insurance through a range of policies which will enable you find coverage for a broad range of farms from small rural acreages to traditional production farms to the largest farms with commercial exposures. From drought index insurance to livestock insurance, the Consortium offers a variety of coverage.


Do you have any other questions about Insurance?

Send your questions to Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (ira@ira.go.ug) or call 0800 124 124 or to the Uganda Insurers Association (info@uia.co.ug) or call 0800 10 50 50.