The Brief

Uganda Insurers Association was founded in 1965 by insurance companies to promote the development and expansion of sound insurance and reinsurance activities in Uganda.

We work to advance the interests of insurance and reinsurance companies by adopting a common strategy that encourages and promotes close cooperation, the exchange of business among members, builds on knowledge through research, influences the enactment of favourable legislation and represents the views of the membership to Government, quasi-government and private bodies.


Our Vision

To be the most respected and effective trade association in East Africa.


Our Mission

To promote best practices and the highest standards within the Ugandan insurance sector safeguarding the consumers’ best interests.


Our Values

  • Integrity;
  • Respect;
  • Cooperation; and
  • Innovation


Our members:

All licensed Insurance and Reinsurance companies in Uganda.


Where we are today

The Association is fast evolving to become the first point of information on Insurance and as such, it is important that our brand becomes associated with excellence, authority and responsiveness.

It is also critical that as the UIA embraces her position as the “voice” of the industry, it creates its own unique space and presence in the minds of both her members and the general public.


Our current logo

We widely started using our current logo begun in 1995 and speaks to the Association’s unifying element as an umbrella organisation for all insurance and reinsurance companies in Uganda. It makes use of the colors- black, yellow and red- to indicate our commitment as an industry to the development of the Ugandan economy.

It also uses a representation of hands to communicate unity and co-operation and the words “Uganda Insurers Association” to bring to mind the organisations name as people look at the Logo.

Why the change

As we position ourselves as a leader on knowledge and information on insurance, it is important that our brand reflects the same. The refreshed look will also assist in presenting the Association as a more responsive, current and articulate brand.



What the new brand look should communicate

  1. Authority- UIA is an established authority on all insurance related issues
  2. Responsiveness- UIA and the insurance industry as a whole are committed to meeting the ever changing needs of the market in a timely manner.
  3. Accessible- UIA should be accessible to everyone across the country at any given time across any number of platforms.


Key elements to consider

The UIA logo usually appears alongside our 30 member company logos. We would therefore like to use

  1. Colours that convey authority and boldness which would also help us stand out and not get lost in the myriad of member logos.
  2. The important that elements or symbols of unity are maintained as at the core we bring together all the insurance companies in this country. We will not be looking for a logo that uses the traditional symbols of these such as hands, the sun and globes.
  3. Clean and uncluttered design and feel. We are a forward thinking Association and this must reflect in our corporate image.



  1. Only submissions from UIA Member Company’s staff or agents will be considered.
  2. UIA will receive and review all logo designs submitted by the deadline of 5:00pm on Friday 12th January, 2017 via and .
  3. The logo must be submitted in pdf format and include documentation on the thought behind the design.
  4. The UIA reserves all legal rights to the winning proposal and artwork. Accordingly, all intellectual property rights in all material and final product produced shall be owned by UIA.
  5. The UIA also reserves the right to use the proposal as is or to make modifications or to not use it.