Road Accident Fund Initiative Program -Kawolo Hospital Engagement

About 9,000 people perish in road traffic accidents annually in Uganda, according to preliminary research findings by Makerere University School of Public Health. In 2016 alone, according to Safer Africa, 3.503 fatalities in road accidents were recorded. 40% of fatalities were Pedestrians,

33% were occupants of 2-wheelers and 21% were occupants of 4-wheelers. In terms of distribution of fatalities by gender, males recorded 78% of fatalities while females 22%.


Uganda has a target of reducing road fatalities by 50% in 2022.


As the Association, we appreciate that the impact traffic accidents goes beyond just the victim to their families, community and to the Nation as a whole. We are therefore working to improve on road user behavior in order to reduce the number of these incidences and their impact and that, where accidents do occur, that both the victims and the health facilities are equipped to deal with the situation.


On the 24th of September, 2019, we visited Kawolo Hospital, which has been identified as one of our partners, and provided elbow crutches, Blood pressure machines(wall), a patient trolley, Mackintosh rolls, Digital Thermometers, Wheel chairs, Axillary crutches(pairs), an oxygen cylinder with a regulator and an oxygen concentrator.



Our belief is that as more people appreciate the impact of accidents and the cost to individuals, family and the Nation, driver behavior will improve.  We intend to engage two other hospitals before the end of this year.