Motor Third Party Insurance

This is a mandatory insurance cover required by the law under sec 2 of the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act 1989.

Motor Third Party Insurance provides compensation against injuries and death resulting from road traffic accidents.

The obligations of the third party claimant under the Insurance arrangement is to; –

  • Immediately seek medical attention.
  • Report the accident occasioning the injury or death to the nearest police station.
  • Contact the Insurance Company either directly or through a care taker notifying them of your condition.
  • Ensure all medical treatment notes and medical expenses receipts are compiled.

The obligations of the Insurance Company for the accident vehicle owner is to;

  • Immediately register and officially acknowledge receipt of the claim.
  • Advise the accident victim on immediate expectations.
  • Ensure that the accident victim is attended to both by a claims officer.
  • Ensure that the accident victim receives medical treatment at a medical facility of their choice.
  • Receive the claim from accident victim and settle within the stipulated timelines as mandated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda.

The statutory claim payout is UGX 1,000,000 for any one person for injuries or death resulting from an accident and in aggregate UGX 10,000,000 if several persons are involved.

While purchasing insurance;

Effective 1st July 2020 all purchases of Motor Third Party will be through the Mobile Platform.

Buying Motor Third Party Insurance has been made easy and convenient. This is through your Mobile phone by dialing *165*4*5# for MTN and *185*7*6# for AIRTEL. You will get a reference number that you will take to a licensed insurance Agent or insurance company of your choice to get a sticker and you will enjoy driving safe on the road.