What is Medical Insurance?

This is also referred to as health insurance, covers the medical expenses incurred by the insured or their dependents. It covers numerous illness and or bodily injuries. It can be taken by an individual or a group of people. The policy can be out-patient (walk in and out of hospital) only or in-patient (admission) only. It can also have a combination of both in and out patient.

What are the benefits of the medical policy and the medical treatment(s) it can cover?

Most medical insurance policies provide medical treatment but however benefits can be extended to cover additional benefits such as optical and dental cover, congenital defects, maternity expenses, preexisting conditions, chronic ailments, psychiatric conditions among others. Most covers exclude cosmetic surgery or treatments, age related senility or insanity, family planning and treatments not administered by a registered medical practitioner.

Who qualifies for Medical Insurance?

Individuals can qualify for medical insurance, organized groups of people can as well qualify for medical insurance like a family, group of employees, members of a SACCO

How does a Medical Insurance Policy work under the arrangement of company workers? 

A company on behalf of its employees negotiates a medical insurance package where a lump sum amount of money will be paid to the insurer for a year to offer treatment to the employees and their loved ones at specified medical service points advised by the insurer.  It is therefore very important to review the policy document together with your insurer to confirm you have clearly understood what is covered and what is not covered.