Insurers target high schools through drama


Kampala. The first competition that specifically uses drama to draw attention to insurance and its benefits was held today at the National Theatre in Kampala.

Speaking at the event, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Insurers Association, Ms. Faith Ekudu said, “It is important that people of all ages understand and appreciate insurance. We have gone ahead and segmented the market to ensure that we reach each segment through appropriate channels and messaging.”

“It is for this reason that we created a competition that marries both the creative with the practical application of insurance in a fun and educative environment,” added Mr. Allan Katwere, the Association’s Research and Market Development Officer. “High School students represent one of the segments we are targeting in both the short and long term. We are engaging them early on to ensure they have a better grasp on insurance and its benefits through their curriculum, through initiatives like these competitions, through presenting insurance as an industry to develop a career in and to become consumers of insurance.”

The UIA, through her 10 year Market Growth and Market Development Strategy has set a 3% penetration goal for 2025.

“Initiatives such as these will go a long way in securing top of mind awareness of insurance and its benefits with a trickledown effect on these students, their schools, families as well as in the communities in which they study and live, “concludes Ms. Ekudu.

The High School Drama Play Competition, which was sponsored by Grant Thornton, Legacy Entertainment, Hydrogen Studios and Inline Print Services Ltd attracted participation of Mount Saint Mary’s College Namagunga, Kibuli Secondary School, Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli, Namilyango College, Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School, Seeta High School, Bethany High School, City High School and Kawempe Muslim Secondary School.